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Leadership Resources

Of the estimated 3.5 million pastors in the world, 85% or more have little or no formal Bible training. Since many of these pastors will never have the opportunity to attend a seminary or Bible school, we, Leadership Resources International, bring the Bible school to them – not buildings and chairs, but highly targeted training focusing on the Word of God and the Heart of God.

Craig Parro, President of L.R.I., commented that they strive to build vibrant churches impacting their world for Christ, led by pastors who faithfully and skillfully teach God's Word with God's heart. L.R.I. has doubled in size over the last 7 years. Our staff is growing (with 27 team members). Perhaps most significantly, we're developing "street credibility" – more and more pastors and mission agencies and denominations are approaching us to help them because they've heard about the effectiveness of our training.

When asked what is the driving force behind Leadership Resources International Parro's answer was clear, "But we have this treasure in jars of clay, to show that the surpassing power belongs to God and not to us." II Corinthians 4:7. God's gracious hand has been upon us. He really is the explanation for whatever success we've enjoyed. We are proof that He delights to use weak, ordinary people to accomplish great, eternal results."

Leadership Resources International will continue to work in impoverished places and in remote regions of the globe for years to come. We desire to continue to serve the most under-served pastors of the world. Just this year, we expect to begin 8 new training groups in Brazil, Tanzania, Ecuador, Papua New Guinea, in a Muslim nation and in a fiercely communist country. Over the next few years, we hope to train pastors in the Middle East and in India and increasingly, in the U.S., among other places.

Parro's hope and prayer is to develop an organization that is able to equip many more pastors, much more effectively in the near and distant future. We're working on "scalability" – so that the 20 pastor training groups worldwide might become 200 groups or more! We're also working on "multiplication" so that not only 2nd generation trainings take place, but 3rd generation trainings as well.

For more information about Leadership Resources International and to see how you can get involved please check out their website at:


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Our Mission

Mitchell Swaback Charities was started October 15th, 2004. Our purpose is to continue to impact individuals, organizations and families as Mitch has done so many times. We want to continue Mitch's compassion to serve in missions, the church and to honor God in the way Mitch did on a daily basis. We will continue to form partnerships that will allow us to expand our ministry.

Through the many opportunities that surround us, we look forward to making a difference.

We will honor the Lord in all we do. Learn more >>

Mitch's Story

For 23 years our son Mitch etched memories into the hearts of everyone he met. He was as real as they come. What he meant to us and to so many others now belongs to the legacy we will cherish forever.

At Mitch's going-home service Pastor James MacDonald used one word that best described Mitch: "Maximum." Read more >>

Psalm 31:3

For you are my rock and my fortress; and for your name's sake you lead me and guide me.